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I just received the most incredible message from a little dog. “Go into the world and watch your energy and how it creates others to react.

If you speak quickly notice how you lose them because you are going to fast… if you speak slowly you lose them because they will become distracted with their own thoughts.

If you connect with another being with equal energy, sharing “space” being there “with” them, they will hear you, see you, and feel you… and you they.

 That is how we manifest beautiful relationships.”

What a wonderful message !!


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I had a wonderful person come to me for an iris analysis the other day.  The eyes truly are the windows to the soul.  In their eyes, we found past injuries, and explanations of reoccurring illnesses such as ear infections and bronchitis. 

The gift is, the eyes tell us why these illnesses keep happening and what to do to stop them from reoccurring.

When you go into the emotional aspect of iridology, you are able to find the root source of an illness, and so much more.

With this person, the reoccurring bronchitis had been treated every year, but the secret we discovered in the iris, was that it was not the lungs that were the issue, it was an event that happened at the age of 12 that created the person to hold onto the emotion of fear, that actually created the reoccurring bronchitis.

Fear is emotionally held in the kidneys and so by treating the kidneys with natural supplements to get them healthier, we are able to avoid bronchitis from reoccurring in the future. 

I believe that the eyes hold the keys to so many mysteries.  Isnt that amazing and beautiful ?

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This is such an exciting time of so many new things going on… with the internet,  I can’t imagine anyone getting bored. 

Through the wonderful avenues of Blogging and Twitter and Utube and oh my gosh, so many more, people have the ability to be as creative as they want. 

I encourage you to not just play games on the computer to entertain yourself … reach further… it is so easy now to  create things !!

The things you create, the things you say, the people whom you will form meaningful friendships with, will be much more fulfilling for your spirit than playing games. 

Dont get me wrong playing games is fun too… but please everyone out there… go for it !!  Tap into your own creative abilities !  You now have the freedom to soar and make things you may have never thought you were capable of !! You can be an architect, or a fashion designer, or make movies, or compose music, or simply share what your heart wants to tell the world. 

It is all possible and most importantly, valuable.

When you create from your heart you are sharing with Love and Joy, and it starts a spark and passion for someone else. 

Together we can Light the world up with our creativity and the positive vibration and energy of Love !!

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Whew… it has been quite the learning curve to figure out where to post what.  I wanted my Twitter Tweets to reflect what I posted on my facebook “page” and my facebook “page” to be available to my clients and friends,  but when I post to my facebook Spirits of Heart “page”,  those who are following it,  “liking” also get a duplicate post from my wall… not always … apparently…. but sometimes…

so I was going to delete my Spirits of Heart Facebook “page” and only use my Facebook “wall”  to avoid everyone getting duplicate updates… but then I was told by many of my friends and clients that they  do not   “do” facebook

so I had to find one place to blog where everyone can follow me… (good luck with that one 🙂     and I liked the looks of Google Blogger and started a new blog there,  then after I thought I might have it figured out I found out from my webmaster that she is changing my website and I need to blog on WordPress !!

whew… so please excuse me for any duplications of posts. .. and thank you for your extreme patience when I keep inviting you to every known posting place there is… to try to find out where I am now  :):)                                                           

 (sounds like my real travel life 🙂 most of my friends wont travel with me for real and now they probably wont on the internet either lol….)

Good News though !!  I think I have figured out wordpress and My “Spirits of Heart” blog is now on WordPress 

and if I did it right I think I have it linked to update to my Twitter and my Facebook Wall so that those who are on facebook can see my posts there that are forwarded from WordPress and those who aren’t Facebook Fans or Friends can Subscribe to my WordPress Spirits of Heart page which will have the original copies of everything I post !!!

whewie what a lot of work !! I wanted one place to post daily about tips on Happiness, Heath, Nutrition, Animals recipes and so much more that I would like to share.

Really and truly….. I think I finally did it…… so stay tuned.  Here is the orignal place to subscribe for posts


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Another warm and cozy morning typing beside the woodstove doing readings for people and their animals… it is a wonderful energy to be in. I wish for everyone to be able to work in what they would love to be doing. My associate Ean is finishing our 8 week program called You can have it All. It has been wonderful to …help everyone progress into what they want to do in life instead of what they feel they have to.

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I think the best thing I heard today was the suggestion to listen to the silence within…. that is a hard thing… to find it. A good easy way is to listen to the trees… if you dont actually hear voices… you can at the least hear their leaves and branches swaying… if you listen intently.

My intention for this Blog “Spirits of Heart” is to share with you as a teacher and a student, my ongoing life learnings, and useful tips for staying healthy, happy, and peaceful during these chaotic, adventuresome times.

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