Essential Fatty Acid oils Omega 3 6 9

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 Essential Fatty Acid oils are available at a good grocery store or any Health Food Store.  

There are many brands, one called Essential Balance 3 6 9 and is found in the dairy section. Udos oils are fantastic and hemp oil is also a good source, there are many others including natures sunshine super oil which is a gla.

It really helps with reducing inflammation and assisting the whole body to be healthier overall.   EFAs support the cardiovascular, reproductive, immune, and nervous systems. The human body needs EFAs to manufacture and repair cell membranes, enabling the cells to obtain optimum nutrition and expel harmful waste products. A primary function of EFAs is the production of prostaglandins, which regulate body functions such as heart rate, blood pressure, blood clotting, and play a role in immune function by regulating and reducing inflammation and encouraging the body to fight infection. 

Essential fatty acids, are also known as “Good Fats” and are polyunsaturated fatty acids which the human body cannot biosynthesize.  What this means is that we must obtain them from the food we eat.  Collectively, essential fatty acids are known as Vitamin F.  They constitute the foundation of cellular structures, they help retain proteins within the membranes and therefore have a significant regulatory effect on materials entering and exiting the cell walls.  The fluidity of the cell membrane is important to the health of any cell.  In general saturated fatty acids tend to pack together tightly and are highly inflexible.  Saturated fats are dangerous to cell walls, especially our artery walls as they tend to harden our arteries.  On the other hand, unsaturated essential fatty acids provide for bendable links in our cell walls.  This promotes our cell walls flexibility, fluidity, and permeability, generating greater health for our cells.  This is especially important for the brain. 

Essential fatty acids actually account for 25% of the weight of the human brain, and the retina of the eyes.  They are required for the growth and repair of the skin, blood vessels, and nerve tissues.  They are vital for efficient respiration.  Cell wall or membrane fluidity strengthens the white blood cells of our immune system so they are better able to maneuver in our body fluids and therefore are more efficient in attacking viral and bacterial invaders.  They are also known to help reduce blood cholesterol by increasing the solubility of cholesterol deposits allowing them to be washed away from our artery walls, thus helping to prevent cardiovascular disease and helping to reduce the risks of heart disease and stroke.  They are always involved, either directly or indirectly in energy production, being the most abundant source of energy found in nutrition. 

Omega-3’s occur naturally in fish, flaxseed, canola oil, nuts and avocados and are well known for protecting the heart against the inflammation that can lead to blocked arteries and for aiding an irregular heartbeat.

The newer research shows these polyunsaturated fats may also be helpful in preventing complications of diabetes and in soothing inflamed joints.

Psychiatrists are now also taking a closer look at Omega-3s. Dubbed the “happy” fats, they are under investigation for treating depression, bipolar disease, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, alcoholism, Alzheimer’s disease and even the so-called baby blues, or postpartum depression.

Did you know that Eskimos have very low incidence of heart disease? Clinical studies suggest that diets rich in fish correlate to triglyceride and cholesterol levels that are already within the normal range.

Fish are the primary source of omega-3 oils, fatty acids that support the circulatory system. Omega-3 oils are not produced by the human body and can only be obtained through a diet rich in fish or supplementation. NSP Omega-3 oils contain both eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), healthful fatty acids that will boost your circulatory system.

Sources for Nature’s Sunshine’s oils are the flesh of cold water fish such as salmon and mackerel. The product does not contain fish liver oils (such as cod liver oil) or Vitamin A. Oils from fish livers usually contain toxins and other contaminantsthat the fish liver has filtered out.

Generally pharmaceutical grade refers to manufacturing procedures. Sarah Eliason, a scientist from the Nature’s Sunshine Health Sciences Department explains:

“Nature’s Sunshine follows pharmaceutical grade GMPs (Good Manufacturing Procedures) for all supplements. On the internet, however, many websites refer to pharmaceutical grade as a standard for purity of the fish oils. This basically includes testing of the product to make sure it has very low levels of contaminants. It also frequently mentions molecular distillation for removal of contaminants. Our omega-3 fish oils are tested for heavy metals, including methyl mercury and also PCBs. The fish oils also undergo processing called molecular distillationwhich removes heavy metals, PCBs, and contaminants.”

The sea is the most abundant source of omega-3 oils. Specifically, fish provide EPA and DHA. EPA has been linked to triglyceride and HDL levels that are within the normal range. DHA is most concentrated in the brain and retina. Research suggests EPA and DHA help in brain and nervous system development.


 contains natural d-alpha tocopherol acetate (vitamin E) to help preserve freshness. The flesh of cold-water fish such as salmon and mackerel is the source of the fish oils. Does not contain fish liver oils.

Omega-3 Hi EPA softgels contain approximately 1000 mg (1 gram) fish oil, with a ratio of 33:16 EPA to DHA (380 mg EPA, 190 mg DHA) per softgel. It also contains lemon to significantly reduce the aftertaste from fish oil and to reduce gas.

Take 1 softgel with a meal three times daily.


Candida or Yeast

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Candida Albicans is a yeast that occurs naturally in the human body. Normally it lives in harmony with a variety of other microorganisms and actually performs a couple important functions.  The problem occurs when something upsets the balance of bacteria in the body and this allows the yeast organism to proliferate and take over all the healthy microorganisms.

It normally resides in the intestinal tract, mouth, throat and genitals, however it can burrow holes in the intestinal tract, enter the blood stream and then make it’s way into any organ of the body. To make matters worse it emits over 70 different toxins into the body. Some people may even become allergic to the yeast itself.

Once this hardy organism proliferates in the body, it wrecks havoc in many ways and is the initiator of many common maladies, conditions, syndromes and illnesses in our population.

Some of the most frequent Candida symptoms are:

  • abdominal gas and bloating
  • headaches
  • migraines
  • excessive fatigue
  • cravings for alcohol
  • anxiety
  • vaginitis
  • rectal itching
  • cravings for sweets
  • inability to think clearly or concentrate
  • hyperactivity
  • mood swings
  • diarrhea
  • constipation
  • hyperactivity
  • itching
  • acne
  • eczema
  • depression
  • sinus inflammation
  • pre-menstrual syndrome
  • dizziness
  • poor memory
  • persistent cough
  • earaches
  • low sex drive
  • muscle weakness
  • irritability
  • learning difficulties
  • sensitivity to fragrances and/or other chemicals
  • cognitive impairment
  • thrush
  • athlete’s foot
  • sore throat
  • indigestion
  • acid reflux
  • chronic pain

One of the most well known forms of yeast is the vaginal yeast infection, However, it may play a role in anxiety disorders, asthma, irrtiable bowel disease, addisons disease, crohns, autism, chronic fatigue, leaky gut syndrome, pms, endometriosis, fibromyalgia, prostatitis, attention deficit disorder, multiple sclerosis, asthma, food allergies, muscle and joint pain, clinical depression, repeated urinary tract infections, hormonal imbalances, migraines, digestive disturbances, difficult menopause, psoriasis, lupus, chronic pain, tourette’s, vulvodynia, rheumatoid arthritis and many more.

The brain is the organ that is most frequently affected by Candida Symptoms, but it also has profound negative effects on these systems:

  • digestive
  • nervous
  • cardiovascular
  • respiratory
  • reproductive
  • urinary
  • endocrine
  • lymphatic
  • musculoskeletal

Candida symptoms can vary from one person to another and often move back and forth between systems within the same individual.  One day you may experience symptoms in the musculoskeletal system and the next day it could be the digestive system ,etc.
Please let us know if you would like additional information on Candida or need help regarding the specific symptoms you may be experiencing as they may also be related to other health issues or contributing factors.

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 ” Don’t focus on what you cant do, Think about all the things you can do” It really changes your judgment on the feelings you have.”

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If you connect with another being with equal energy, sharing “space” just being there “with” them, not trying to do anything… create anything or change anything… just being… supporting…  you will connect on a deep healing level. That is how we can manifest beautiful relationships.

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I just received the most incredible message from a little dog. “Go into the world and watch your energy and how it creates others to react.
If you speak quickly notice how you lose them because you are going to fast… if you speak slowly you lose them because they will become distracted with their own thoughts.

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We all know what its like to have to phone into a company, wait on hold for who knows how long and feel like a fool because we cant follow what seems to be obvious much of the time.

Usually the call is stressful and frustrating and the person on the on the other end gets frustrated too and you need to call someone else anyway because it isn’t their department.

The other day I had an incredibly stressful day and at the end of it, decided to sign up for Netflix. We had been thinking about doing it for awhile it and we had spend the whole previous day trying to set it up and nothing was working. At the end of the second stressful day I decided to get on the phone to try again and was on hold for an hour while things became more stressful. Little things around the house happening, dogs throwing up, cat having diarrhea, other emergency phone calls from clients etc.

By the time the Netflix lady got on the phone I was incredibly distracted and feeling more stressed and I know I made no sense at all in trying to describe what didn’t work in the series of what we had tried the day before and the last few hours, and my brain wasn’t working and dinner was burning and I was getting more stressed by the minute.

It was very embarrassing and I know I was babbling “every time I try to do the set up, the thingy wants another thingy that I dont seem to be able to do right, and I cant find the right button or the page I was on” ( ugh…. blondly repeating that sentence over and over)

The more I tried to explain it the more stressed I got and I was just about in tears which almost never happens, but it had been a stressful 2 days.

Instead of getting frustrated with the seriously ten minutes I spent stupidly repeating nonsense, she so sweetly and patiently asked “Is everything ok ?”

Well… unlike me…. I lost it… there was no way or time to tell her what the past 2 days had been like but her openness, compassion, and honestly caring about a stranger just totally opened up the floodgates.

She patiently spent another half hour walking me through the process ( I couldnt see the numbers on the remote through the tears now…) and said she would absolutely not let me off the phone until she had completely helped me and would take all the time in the world to make sure its done and to not worry, she would help me and get me watching a nice movie. Awww….

And she did. Ending the conversation with, maybe you should get a glass of wine …lol… I told her good idea I’m on that one 🙂

Moral of the story, This Angel sat on the phone all day dealing with frustrated people, and yet she actually had the sensitivity to “feel” what I was feeling and…

and…. oh my gosh… to CARE,       not judging,       not impatient,      genuinely showing compassion for another person who she didn’t even know but she knew they were having a bad day.

I will always remember her as someone who cared to take the time and as a reminder that a kind word does so much more than you might think at the time.

When I thought about it later…. had it been someone else in a serious situation, she could/would/might have saved a life by having compassion and caring about anothers feelings.

When I thought about it more, I was sure she is just like that … an angel and has already no doubt helped so many people simply by being compassionate in a world were have have learned to not expect compassion from strangers.

She is an inspiration and reminder to Please lets all try to spread kindness and compassion to all, especially strangers, You don’t know the difference you will make. I just wish I had asked her name.

Thank you Net flix Angel….  whoever you are …. I wish you a lifetime of happiness and abundance  !!

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Let this day lead you to wherever it wants you to go… be curious and interested… watch it as if it was a movie… this will allow you to be non reactive as it is an adventure… not a test, and not neccessarily about you 🙂

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