Well, so much to tell… after arriving back in Arizona after my incredible trip to Singapore, we packed up the Arizona house and headed to see my best friend in California as she and her husband were going to ride with us back to Canada for a visit.  Following us was another good friend and Daniel was bringing back to Canada a 61 chev apache pickup so Patty and I would drive my car and Daniel and Flavio drive the Apache and Archie in his convertible were to be our caravan to Canada.


It was a wonderful trip back other than that Flavio got kidney stones and needed to ride in the convertible for the cushy warm seats and  every time he fell asleep the convertible got lost, not once, but a few times along the way 🙂


I had a week of fun with them at our house, then when they left I took off for my teaching tour to the Spring Festival of Awareness in Naramata B.C. 

If you have never been, I highly recommend it as a  an amazing spiritual weekend of wonderful uplifting workshops. 

Here is the link http://www.issuesmagazine.net/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=70&Itemid=65


The festival was wonderful as I stayed with 5 other incredible ladies/friends and was able to watch the fire dancer from our cabin spinning her fire poi. 

I love spinning poi, there is something incredibly feminine and yet strong powerful energy in doing it …not to mention a good upper arm workout.. almost as good as dragon boat racing for women.


I then took off to Kelowna to teach animal communication the following weekend to yet more beautiful spirits. 

I love teaching this workshop… it is so empowering for the people taking it.  They come in thinking they cannot possibly develop intuition in one day and actually receive messages from animals that they have never met and then to have it confirmed by other participants in the class whom they have never met… they become so excited and empowered !! 


What an honor and reward that the “method” I received to teach others, works so quickly 🙂 

The truly wonderful thing about my “job” is the amazing wonderful people I get to meet and spend time with 🙂