Tuning Fork Session

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I and my friend Elke, held an evening ceremony  of sharing last night in a session of Healing with Vibrational Tuning forks.

What an incredible night we had …. everyone was so in a state of bliss… totally enjoying the experience of vibrational healing with the tuning forks.

 We shared the background  of the use of the forks and they work similar to acupuncture for healing  on an energetic, physical and emotional level. 

We each listened to each of the frequencies of the tuning forks.  The Ohm, the earth, the moon, the full moon, the sun, mars venus, and so many more frequencies. 

We then picked out which ones we wanted to work with on each other  in a specific pattern as well as intuitively listened to how to use them.

 The session was followed by me performing a sound healing with the chakra bowls as each of us entered into a space of such tranquility…..no one wanted to leave… it was a beautiful evening.  🙂




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the illusion of control helps us to utilize our abilities for the fullest potential

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The beatles were right….Love is all we need…..

for peace…. calmness… protection…feeling safe and secure. When we connect with Love, It truly is the answer to all problems and it is the “place” that we need to try to be…. in.