I have always recommended acupuncture to my clients, as I know firsthand without a doubt, that it helps with most health issues. However, many of my clients don’t particular enjoy acupuncture sessions and some are actually afraid of it.

I have been working with a new method which works in a similar way, but without needles. Different sound vibrations are placed upon the meridians or areas of the… body that are experiencing pain and inflammation, and the vibration stimulates blood flow and healing in a way that is very similar to what acupuncture needles do.

 The treatments have been helping my clients with back pain, shoulder pain, fibromyalgia, arthritis, joint pain, over all fatigue, and is helping to increase overall energy.
The vibration is produced by what are called “Tuning Forks” and you may have seen them used in hearing tests. They produced beautiful sounds and vibrations that put one into a state of relaxation while the body absorbs the vibration and you can feel the effects immediately.

 Everyone who has experienced it has found it incredibly enjoyable and relaxing and does not want to leave the massage table 🙂
I have testimonials listed below here of the beneficial effects.

One remains fully clothed and is able to relax comfortably on a massage table while the vibration is applied to points along the spine and other sore areas.

  Testimonials are below 🙂

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Testimonials :

“Georgina and I have been good friends for a number of years and I respect her workings greatly.
I have always been very skeptical of an Alternative Medicine but a year ago, I experienced such a
transformation even a lot of friends and family found hard to believe.

Ten years ago I had a heart attack and a stroke. Since then, my ankles swell severely, especially
in the heat. That means that for 4 or so months of the year, I have swollen ankles which are very, very
painful and make it impossible to walk for any amount of time. Standing on my feet for even a short period
of time was also getting impossible.

In June 2010 Georgina mentioned she had just taken a course with tuning forks! She asked
if she could try them on my ankles so, of course, I agreed.

By this point in time, I was willing to try almost anything that might help. It felt like nothing I have ever experienced, like tiny bee stings and then in the right ankle, the worst one, you could actually feel the blood starting to flow thru again.

Since June 2010, I have not had a swollen ankle, have lost 12 pounds and walk almost daily for exercise.
I will have this procedure repeated again just for preventative medicine, and am bringing my husband for a session.
Donna J Cyr (not related to Georgina Cyr )”
“I attended Georgina’s workshop on tuning forks to hear what they are about. It was fun and informative. I have had back and shoulder pain for years and decided that I should try a treatment to see if it would help. The treatments are relaxing and non-intrusive. I am no longer having muscle spasms in my back. I also have high blood pressure so sometimes I take my blood pressure before the treatments and when I get home it is always lower. With Georgina’s expertise the tuning forks are not only relaxing, but I believe they are healing my body. ”
Barbara Wiley
*******************************************************************”I have had much physiotherapy and have endured many needles from acupuncture to relieve the pain and tenseness in my back and nothing has relaxed me as well as the tuning fork treatment that Georgina did for me. Twice I have enjoyed the treatment, and twice I came away with such a feeling of relaxation and well being that I recommend this if you have been suffering and just don’t know what could help, I believe this will help. It did for me.
It felt good, and the pain I had was replaced with a feeling of total relaxation. So relaxed that I went to sleep for part of the treatment, (never did this during acupuncture).
The vibrating bowl at the end was a total body experience, and quite a close for the treatment. “
Brent Browning
“Georgina, Thanks for the treatment. It felt great and it certainly helped with my headache.”
Linda Newton
Georgina, My arm this morning is so much better I can’t believe it. The session is so relaxing too. Could I please book another appointment please. When ever you can fit me in. I know you said you were booked up. Even if its 2 weeks from now.”
Thank you Georgina
Love and Light
Tana Rigets
“this morning i feel wonderful! 🙂 no achy back from my bed (which is uncommon) and just in good spirits all over 🙂 thank you”
Whitney Rogers