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Well, so much to tell… after arriving back in Arizona after my incredible trip to Singapore, we packed up the Arizona house and headed to see my best friend in California as she and her husband were going to ride with us back to Canada for a visit.  Following us was another good friend and Daniel was bringing back to Canada a 61 chev apache pickup so Patty and I would drive my car and Daniel and Flavio drive the Apache and Archie in his convertible were to be our caravan to Canada.


It was a wonderful trip back other than that Flavio got kidney stones and needed to ride in the convertible for the cushy warm seats and  every time he fell asleep the convertible got lost, not once, but a few times along the way 🙂


I had a week of fun with them at our house, then when they left I took off for my teaching tour to the Spring Festival of Awareness in Naramata B.C. 

If you have never been, I highly recommend it as a  an amazing spiritual weekend of wonderful uplifting workshops. 

Here is the link http://www.issuesmagazine.net/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=70&Itemid=65


The festival was wonderful as I stayed with 5 other incredible ladies/friends and was able to watch the fire dancer from our cabin spinning her fire poi. 

I love spinning poi, there is something incredibly feminine and yet strong powerful energy in doing it …not to mention a good upper arm workout.. almost as good as dragon boat racing for women.


I then took off to Kelowna to teach animal communication the following weekend to yet more beautiful spirits. 

I love teaching this workshop… it is so empowering for the people taking it.  They come in thinking they cannot possibly develop intuition in one day and actually receive messages from animals that they have never met and then to have it confirmed by other participants in the class whom they have never met… they become so excited and empowered !! 


What an honor and reward that the “method” I received to teach others, works so quickly 🙂 

The truly wonderful thing about my “job” is the amazing wonderful people I get to meet and spend time with 🙂


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Day 7 Friday night,

We were special guests of Lovely Adelena to attended the Gucci VIP new 2011 Spring Line presentation and it was incredible.  There are only about 100 people invited, or about that many and Charles took us there and it was beyond what I expected.  What a  show !!

The next day I woke up with champagne in my eyes….  I must have gotten it in them as they were so red the next morning :0)

The rest of the time at Verita was hectic but very productive, I have made lots of new and wonderful friends… so glad I brought a lot of  little gifts from BC to give in case I met special people and I certainly did meet a lot !  I look forward to meeting them again somewhere on the planet now that I have been introduced to world travel.  People in Asia seem to be running all around the world like its an every day thing to do.

I was privileged to relax in the salt cave at Verita and was also able to have fun experiencing the floatation tank.  It was really incredible where it is filled with a natural salt water and your body just float… its all enclosed and you feel like you are back in the womb… all soft and warm, safe and comforted.

Saturday night was again filled with New friends and fun, as Diane and her husband Julian invited us to dinner along with Charles and a very sweet friend of theirs, Susan,  Greg happened along which was a happy surprise and then we all went out to take in some local nightlife 🙂

Sunday, our last day, we were able to squeeze in some shopping and meet with Sharla and Eli.  We had a wonderful lunch at the Ginger Room in the Botanical gardens, ending the day with another very productive meeting with the new director of Verita at the P.S. restaurant which has truly incredible food too !!

The entire trip was a whirlwind of taxi cabs and fun exciting hard work, meeting new friends, and a whole new perspective of qualities of wine 🙂

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Day 5 Wednesday

Kim and I started the day going to the Singapore Polo Club for me to do my presentation on Equine Iridology.  It is beautiful there and we were met by the lovely and lively spirited Diane, who arranged the presentation. 

The group was very receptive and interested and we later had lunch with the Equine Veterinarian for the polo club Roshni, and the Equine trainer Julie.  Both of them are very interested in my work and working with me. 

I am so pleased and honored and even more importantly grateful that they want to work to improve the lives of the horses they help and to teach the owners how to have a deep and positive relationship with their horses.  Wow… we were all so on the same page in helping the horses to be understood, it will be wonderful to work with them.

I later went for a relaxing massage with one of the expert masseuses at Verita,Lian and then did some work in preparation for the evening lecture on Iridology for Verita.  Kim was lecturing on Allergies and I on Introduction to Iridology.

The lecture/presentations went very well and afterward, we went to dinner with some of the Naturopaths at Verita and had a lively and enthusiastic discussion about everyone’s dreams for the future.  I had another lesson in understanding the wines… whether they were young or bold or mature or woody or intense, and  I was learning to swirl and sniff my wine with great expertise.

Day 6 Thursday

Another fun day of sharing iridology with the Naturopaths, It is such a pleasure to share what I have learned and such an honor to learn the different cases and techniques and experiences from them as well. That is the one thing I love about teaching in this field, I am not only the teacher but the student as well for we all have so much to share and learn from each other.  I was honored to be with the caliber of so called students I was sharing my knowledge with.

In the evening I also incredibly honored to practice my tuning forks on the lovely Adelena, who quite enjoyed the session 🙂

We were then taken to dinner by a wonderful family who are clients at Verita that Kim had been working with.  They took us to one of the famous Singapore restaurants where the local food was a specialty. It was a wonderful meal which reminded me of a fondue it is called Hainanese style. There were burners in the middle of the large tables and you dipped your raw foods into the boiling broth and it was absolutely the yummiest ever !!!  Although I am pretty good with chopsticks, these were literally a foot long and I kept worrying I would poke Kim in the eye!!

It was so great to meet everyone in the family we were the guests of, they are all very very sweet people.  In fact they even got up at 3 am to bring Kim and I to the airport on the day we left.  That is proof of true friendship !!!

One of the directors at Verita was with us as well, Nick, and he did a splendid job of serving everyone and interpreting the many varieties of food served (for me as I did not recognize everything but it all tasted fabulous.

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Kim and I started the day at Verita of meetings with the general director, Naturopaths and discussing their new Iridology camera which they were having difficulties with.  I helped them to learn the camera and how to work with the photos of the clients eyes. 

It can be extremely difficult to work with brown eyes, if you aren’t familiar with the technique.  I shared my own knowledge and all that I had learned about brown eyes from Dr. Ellen Tart-Jensen and they were ecstatic to know that I would be helping them to learn these tricks and techniques.  We started the class with getting them all on the same page regarding iridology as some of them had training in Australia and some on iridology training at all. It was a great day with great people  🙂 

We finished the work day at 6 and were picked up by a very special client of Veritas, the owner of the famous Raffles Town club. As special guests we were given the grand tour of the presidential suite and in the presidential suite was a swimming pool and baby grand piano. What an incredible place !

We were then taken for appetizers that were very beautiful and unrecognizable, I was told what everything was but truly had no idea what I was eating or how to eat it 🙂 but it was amazing.  Our Hostess was the most lovely lady Adelena, the wine was exquisite mmm… I could get used to this !!

 Day 5

Again starting the day at 9 at Verita helping the Naturopaths with different Iridology issues and answering questions until noon and then teaching my Emotional Iridology class. 

I also worked with the Amazing and talented Graphic design person Mark, at Verita to “polish” the PowerPoint presentations I was to give. 

I would be doing a talk on Equine Iridology for the Singapore Polo club on Wednesday morning and then also doing a lecture for the general public at Verita on an Introduction to Iridology.  Kim was also doing a presentation on Allergies, so Wednesday  evening would be a fun presentation to the public with both of us speaking.

We were then invited for a formal dinner with Adelena at Raffles in the Private dining room.  It was truly the most incredible 7 course meal I have ever eaten with delicate beautiful dishes, and again incredible wine 🙂

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Day 3 Sunday

We slept in and at noon met up with Sharla who is a wonderful friend of Kims, a lovely lady who was a huge help in the opening of Verita and who has the cutest 4 month old son Eli.  Sharla took us shopping through the Arab district which was so very colorful and fun. Like a mini visit to a little India. We also met another person  who worked with Verita, Jennifer who was so much fun to shop with. Lunch was fantastic and we had a great day.  Kim and Sharla had to warn me twice of jumping out of taxis on the “wrong” side of the cab as I was almost getting hit by cars.  Everyone drives on the left side of the road and I am so used to getting out on the passenger side in Canada and US, and it is all opposite there.

The taxi rides made me nauseated as I don’t think there are many straight roads in Singapore and it just feels strange to drive on the left.

The one thing I loved was that there is no crime in Singapore.  You can leave your purse anywhere, such as  at the tables in the restaurants and go to the restroom without worrying.  No crime… because if someone steals the penalty can be very well….deadly….. kind of strong in some ways but great for honest people.  What a wonderfully safe place and it was such a great feeling of not having to worry about things like that all the time.

We ended the day having dinner with Greg at Picotins http://www.picotin.com.sg/  a lovely beautiful restaurant pub style eating on the Lighted patio in the lovely warm tropical air. 

Again enjoying the evening with an incredibly smooth bottle of very special red wine which was super special because it served with a Tibetan bowl ceremony via Greg. The second bottle at the restaurant was spicy and aromatic.  I was learning to sniff and swirl 🙂

day 2 Singapore trip

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Day 2  Saturday

I felt amazingly well On Saturday morning with no jet lag, thanks to my herbal and homeopathic regime that I took through the 23 hour flight. If anyone would like the protocol, I can email it.  My Iridology friend Carol Magda gave me the homeopathic formula and I also did my own normal herbal concoction all the way there.

At 9 am my close friend Dr. Kim Balas and I jumped in a taxi to met with the owner of Verita www.veritaadvancedwellness.com  to discuss my schedule and plan for teaching Iridology to the Naturopaths at Verita.  We also discussed future plans for Verita.  It is very exciting. They are already opening another center in downtown Singapore and plans for future centers.

It truly is an advanced Wellness center like no other with the Salt Cave and Floatation tank as well as many other High tech machines for evaluating ones health and assisting one on the path to wellness ! 

I met all of the people at the center, they are all very gifted and welcoming, and what an incredible array of talented Naturopaths they have !!

It is an honor to be able to work with them and assist them in their training in Iridology.

 Kim and I were able to take in a bit of shopping in the afternoon with the director of the Naturopathic team, John, who is an energetic inspiration for the team. 

Stopping at Starbucks was a must and the Chai tea Late tastes as good in Singapore as at home… yay Starbucks 🙂

You taxi everywhere you go and I was told that Singapore is about 20×30 miles in size and has 3 million people and 30 thousand taxis !!! whew…

We later met with the past director of Verita, Greg, who took us out for dinner at one of the extraordinary eating places and to taste some excellent wine. 

A wonderful end to the day with meeting new wonderful friends.

Everyone is a wine connoisseur and the cost of wine there is horrifying !! A cheap bottle is $25.00 and no one buys wine that cheap.  Most of what we drink cost between $60-100.00 per bottle.  Everyone also is very much into swirling the wine to savour the smell and the taste, with each sip identifying the bouquet and flavors. I wondered what they were talking about… it was smooth, big or bold… but what does bold mean ??

Being very fast with everything I do and a quick student 🙂 I was willing to learn 🙂

Day 1 Singapore Trip

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My trip to Singapore

I faired well with the grueling 14 hour flight to Hong Kong, on the way to Singapore. Thank goodness I am so used to curling up in a small chair and am able to sleep with my knees up under my chin for several hours at a time.  They actually fed us which was nice, its been years since I received more than 6 pretzels  on my normal 4-5 hour flights.  

I was so looking forward to my 2 hour layover in Hong Kong but we had to go through security again and they asked for my boarding pass and did not hand it back and I didn’t notice after I got through security and then went up the one way only escalator to try to find my connecting flight and discovered the missing boarding pass.  I went back to the up one way only escalator desperate to find my way back downstairs to security.  There were not many signs in English and so I was looking around for a way to get downstairs and was considering  jumping on the coming up escalator and running really fast down it but with my laptop case and rather large purse, I could just see that might not work out so well.

I finally found a big box that sort of looked like it might be a elevator and pressed the button and I think it was a security elevator but since no one was around I jumped in when the doors opened and thought I would explain why later.  I had no idea where it would take me to and just was hoping I would find English signs when I got out.  When the doors opened…. The angels magically made them open into the security area.  I realized it probably was not a public elevator when the guards came running over to me to see what I was doing there and I said I don’t have my boarding pass, it is here somewhere.  No one understood a thing I said then I saw my pass sitting on the conveyor belt and pointed to it, so they gave it to me with a dirty look like I had left it and pointed me back up the escalator. 

Unfortunately by the time all that happened, I didn’t get much of a chance to shop in the airport stores to buy my mother in law a bell from Hong Kong as they don’t accept U.S. dollars and I had no idea what the numbers meant as it was like 3000.00 for most items I saw and I didn’t have a clue whether that was 5 bucks or 50, and I had only 5 minutes left for boarding.  So much for my shopping experience in Hong Kong !!!

I landed in Singapore at 1 am and by the time I got my suitcases, it was 1:30 and I was cruising through Singapore in a cab with a guy who truly did not seem to know where I needed to go and didn’t speak much English so my life was in his hands J  he finally figure out the address  but when we got to the condo he could not seem to figure out the address of which tower it was and the security  guard did not seem to know the apartment number either and informed me that if I didn’t know the number, or the last name of the owner  I would not be allowed in and would need to find another place to stay.

Well that would never do, so I just started ringing apartment buzzers hoping Kim would somehow magically hear me.  After I woke up several people at 2 am and they angrily phoned security to find out what was going on… the head of security came rushing over to stop me from waking people up. 

I insisted I was not leaving and he needed to find Kim.  He could see I was not going away and had decided to search for her myself.  Meanwhile the lovely cab driver patiently waited to not abandon me there.  The guard finally found Kim and said yes I was telling the truth and was expected there and let me up.  I tipped the cab driver and went to see Kim, we chatted in the condo as I enjoyed the sights and smells on the balcony of the 14th floor  with the warm humid air till 3:30 and then we decided we needed to go to bed as we  had to meet with the owner of Verita at 10 am.

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