pain and inflammation

One of the bes things you can do to help with any kind of body pain and inflammation regarding muscles or even headaches, is magnesium citrate. It usually comes in 250 mg capsules, taking 2 three times a day works as an excellent muscle relaxer.( it can also relax the bowel so works as a natural laxative if you need one 🙂 Also the other thing that is essential to reducing any kind of pain or inflammation and in fact is essential to the whole body is essential fatty acid oil.  The omega 3 6 9 with fish oil.  Most people need at least a tablespoon per day for optimal body function reducing inflammation and for optimal brain function 🙂 NOTE: ( ALWAYS make sure you have been to your doctor first to rule out anything diagnosable that could be creating pain and inflammation) Natures sunshine has a wonderful Magnesium complex that works excellent because of the complex way it is made, (ask me for details.) p.s. magnesium also works great for hangovers as it relaxes the constricted blood vessels giving you the morning after headache, and that along with Natures Sunshine Solstic ( full of B vitamins that alcohol destroys) will get you up and running like a spring chicken !!


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