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  1. georgina cyr
    Mar 06, 2011 @ 11:00:37

    Iridology Correspondence Courses
    Complete Iridology Training Programs

    The Iridology Certification course is a complete iridology training course for those wishing to take an Iridology Course via correspondence.

    Iridology Certification – Correspondence Course
    by Georgina Cyr

    Course Fee $529.00 plus $18.00 shipping in North America.

    (Email for shipping cost to other countries)

    Course Materials Included:

    A complete full color iridology workbook with detailed information regarding iridology terminology, iris signs, and how to perform a professional iris anaylsis.
    ■Iridology, A Handbook by Kianna Smith
    ■A Laminated Iris Analysis Chart
    ■Through the Eyes of the Masters : History of Iridology – book by Dr. Ellen Tart-Jensen
    ■An extensive DVD with several video tracks to fully understand iris terminology, identification signs and analysis examples, as well as case studies.
    ■1 year Membership with the International Iridology Prctitioners Association
    About The Course
    Upon successful completion of this Course you will be able to:

    ■Identify all parts of the iris.
    ■Correlate the parts of the iris to the parts of the body systems.
    ■Identify various signs and markings in the iris and their interpretation.
    ■Demonstrate knowledge of the relationship between heredity and lifestyle, with signs present in the iris.
    ■Identify potential health challenges to which the person may be genetically predisposed and could be experiencing.

    This course opens the door to a rewarding career in the Natural Health Field. You will learn about lifestyle changes to help yourself and others lead a healthier and happier life.
    How to work through the Iridology Correspondence Course

    1. Read through the Iridology Correspondence Workbook in a relaxed fashion, not trying to memorize, just to become familar with the terms.

    2. Read through the Iridology Handbook by Kianna Smith in the same way.

    3. Spend some time reading the workbook and handbook again; as much as it takes for you to feel comfortable with the information.

    4. Review the instructional DVD videos included in this course.

    5. Complete the Practice Exam included in the workbook.

    6. Practice identifying the different eyes by color and structure with friends and family.

    7. Be sure to be respectful and do not spend more than 5 seconds looking into an iris… see Important Information below.

    8. Spend more time referring to the handbook, workbook and DVD, looking at the eye samples as much as you need to.

    9. Complete the ten required Iris Evaluation Forms on volunteers.

    10. You have up to six months to take your exam which consists of a eye case analysis and a 3 hour written proctored exam.

    When performing an Iris Analysis, always ask permission to be in another being’s space. It is an honor and a privilege to be allowed to look deeply into someone’s eyes, and respect for the client, in all aspects, is a must.


    When you feel you know the material well, have completed the eye case analysis successfully, and are ready to write the Iridology Correspondence Evaluation exam, please email our office and we will send it to you.

    If you need more time to study, please do not hesitate to contact us as it is important that you are prepared. After receiving the exam from us via email you will need to complete and email the exam back to us within four hours.

    Upon successful completion of the Iridology Correspondence evaluation exam, we will let you know if there are any areas in which you may need further study.

    If you do need further study we suggest you contact our office at

    If your evaluation exam is satisfactory, we will send you our Certificate of Completion of the Basic Iridology Training Program.

    If you wish to become IIPA certified

    The cost for the IIPA Certification exam is $175.00 U.S.

    When you apply for the IIPA certification exam you must also apply to become a member with IIPA. For further information about IIPA see


  2. georgina cyr
    Mar 06, 2011 @ 11:06:14

    Enter a world beyond the physical Iridology and learn the Emotional aspects of Iridology.
    Emotional Blueprint Iridology, also known as Soulular or Spiritual Iridology takes the study of Iridology to a deeper level, revealing aspects of personality through the iris of the eye. The eye really is the window to the soul.

    Explore the emotional aspects of health conditions. Information and charts outline some of the emotional relationships to the body’s organs, as well as the iris’s relationship to the energy chakras.

    The Emotional Blueprint Iridology Course is available as a Correspondence Course

    The Emotional Blueprint Iridology Correspondence Course comes complete with full color workbook, laminated Chart and an extensive DVD with videos for detailed instruction and interpretation of the information for easier learning.

    The Emotional Blueprint correspondence course fee is $349.00 in total but can be ordered in 3 ways

    You can order the Emotional Blueprint course workbook through Georginas office at 250 723-0068

    or the publisher – Createspace – Click here

    The Course workbook cost through createspace is $349.00 and the Chart and DVD are sent from Georginas office free of charge to complete the course cost of $349.00

    Or if you live in North America you may purchase the entire course by Paypal by adding the $18.00 shipping and clicking here to pay the Course and Shipping cost of $367.00

    Georgina also teaches this course at Langara College, 100 W 49th Ave., Vancouver, BC

    Georginas live Emotional Blueprint courses include the workbook “Iridology – An Emotional Blueprint” from the correspondence course and a laminated Emotional Blueprint Iridology Reference Chart.

    For Live Classes students are asked to bring a Penlight (flashlight) and an 8 to10 X’s magnification loop (available at most Photo Centres.)

    For Georgina’s Course – Register by email at:

    Some of the Topics Covered in the Course:

    ■What do the Eyes Reveal?
    ■Color Emotionally
    ■Collarette Signs
    ■Spiritual Pupils
    ■How to perform and Analysis and examples of questions to ask
    ■Color – Process – Influencers
    ■How we Create Emotions
    ■Introduction to Energetic Emotions

    Emotional Blueprint Iridology is a valuable tool for anyone wanting to work with clients in helping them to learn to heal themselves. This is a new and exciting opportunity to gain insight into a person’s body and soul. This course is geared toward the health and healing practitioners field.

    In this course, you will learn how and why emotional issues are manifested in the physical body. Any physical symptom will always have an emotional connection or root. Emotional Blueprint Iridology will show you where the emotions are “stuck” or blocked and what part of the body the emotions are creating interference in, which may be different than the actual health problems a person may be experiencing.

    The Iris reveals emotions and at what ages they may have become blocked or stuck in the cellular memory, which emotions they are, which chakras are being affected, and what the interferences are that are creating health problems.

    The pupil of the eye will allow one to see the spirit of the person much like a crystal ball. It will reveal what the soul wants to communicate (to the practitioner).

    Pupil work is an amazing way of connecting with your client on the deepest level. As you look into their pupils, you are looking deep into their soul, and in the process of working at a higher level with the highest purpose in mind, both the client, and the practitioner are taken on an amazing healing journey.

    This course will give you an incredible tool to help you discover the root of a health problem or trauma, whether emotional or energetic.

    Emotional Blueprint Iridology is non-denominational. It allows you to use your own belief system to interpret how emotions can affect the physical being.


  3. georgina cyr
    Mar 11, 2011 @ 09:17:16

    Learn telepathy CD
    A meditation to help you to become telepathic.

    You already have the intuition you need to become telepathic and now you will be given the tools to work with. The recent changes in the earth and the inhabitants of it, especially humans, have made many of us question why we are here and where we are going. Many people have experienced things that previously have been unexplainable. It is an exciting time in that so many are embracing the possibilities of energetically interacting with each other on a different level. Working with the energies of Love and Light, we will be able to participate in a healing of ourselves and the planet.
    You will be guided through exercises to enable you to open the channels of telepathic communication. You will learn how to get yourself into a relaxed state to better initiate contact with another Being. You will learn how to develop the intuition you already have and how to recognize the subtle messages coming to you from others.

    Click Here to purchase


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