With so many devastating things happening on the planet we often lose sight of the blessings that we have during these times.

This is a time of so many advances in technology, most of us have the opportunity to reach out to others to support them in one way or another via the internet and connect through platforms like facebook and blogging.

Also so many of us have the ability to purchase things like cells phones and ipods and now ipads and so much more… it is truly a gift that we are able to connect with people worldwide any time we want. As my uncle says we really need to look at what we can do, rather than what we cant, so often we focus on the negative.

For myself I see the challenges that I invite into my life as new experiences and as so many of my friends have said to me… you always seem to be in so much drama….and I say no I’m used to it. I realize that the vortex I seem to be constantly spinning in also draws in those who need to connect with me or need my help, for one reason or another, and how would I know how to help them if I hadn’t been there myself.

We do tend to attract people and situations that we need to experience. I don’t agree with it or enjoy it a lot of the time and I think that if we looked at things more in that way, we would be able to watch our lives as if from a distance, and be able to be less reactive and feel less like things happen to us, and feel some kind of comfort in that on some level we often are choosing to share in the dance.